The Organized Hamlet of Tway was established on July 18, 1952 and remains in existence to this day.  The active Hamlet Board reports to the RM Council and hosts its annual general (voters) meeting typically in the Summer.

Tway is located in the south-west of the RM (Division 2), north of Highway 41 and west off of Highway 20.  The south end of Tway Lake and National Wildlife Area are nestled up to the community.

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Most famous for the Prytula General Store (now closed) the hamlet is home to a small population and is considered a hidden gem among many! 

Prytula General Store article (PAnow)

The hamlet also has a Church and Recreation Hall with an active Recreation Board, hosts an annual Snowmobile Rally, various events and tradeshows.


Tway is between Reynaud and Crystal Springs on a CPR line that runs north of Humboldt to Prince Albert.  It may have taken its name from Tweed, Scotland.  In 1160 the name was spelled Tweda.  It is derived, probably, from Twy ("to check or bound") in reference to the characteristics of the river.  Too, it may have been twa which is two in Scottish.  [Source: What's in a Name (3rd ed), E.T. Russell]