Invergordon C&D Area


Council has cancelled the C&D election effective April 17, 2024.

Regulatory clarification is being sought.  Water Security, Sask Conservation & Development Association and Sask Watershed Association are being requested to attend the May Council Meeting to provide said clarification and any additional information in addressing all watershed projects.

Invergordon Conservation & Development Area No. 84 was established by Minister's Order in 1956 and appointed the Council for the Rural Municipality of Invergordon, No. 430 as the Area Authority.  Subsequently, the C&D Area became dormant and lands within the Waterhen watershed were transferred to the Fletts Springs Conservation & Development Area.

In order to resurrect the Invergordon C&D, an election of Board Members is required.  Based on the area of the established boundary of the Invergordon C&D, the number of Board Members will be 3.  Please see below for full election dates and details!

First order of business once a Board is elected is to request that the Waterhen lands be transferred back from Fletts Springs C&D.  Additionally, the Board must determine its goals and vision for watershed projects such as the Waterhen Marsh and Dixon Lake Weir.


Thank you to everyone who attended our Information Night on March 25, 2024 at the Crystal Springs Community Hall to hear from RM of Invergordon members, Water Security Agency, Sask Conservation & Development Assoc and Fletts Springs C&D Area members.


Closed as of 4:00pm April 12, 2024

Nominations Received:

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Adam Hartle

Ryan Mansiere

Dale Markling

Jean Reid

Christopher Beaulieu

Updated April 12, 2024 at 12:30pm.

Council has established the Election Day as May 17, 2024.  Please read below for pertinent information in preparation of the election:

  who can run for election     

  who can vote      

  important dates.

Election for the office of: Board Member       Number to be Elected:  3

Election Day:  Friday May 17, 2024 9:00am - 5:00pm CST at the RM Office (Source: Sec 23 C&D Regulations; at the time of the election, MST is equivalent to CST)

Advance Poll:  Thursday May 2, 2024 10:00am - 4:00pm CST at the RM Office (Source: Sec 83 Local Government Elections Act)

Qualifications of members 

The members of an area authority shall be owners or occupants of land within the area and of the full age of eighteen (18) years.  (Source: Sec 17, The Conservation and Development Act)

owner” means (Source Sec 1 C&D Act)

(i) An individual who is the registered owner of land, a purchaser of land under an agreement for sale or a lessee of provincial land under a lease for a term of five years or more;

(ii) a shareholder of a duly incorporated co-operative association or of a corporation that is engaged in farming and that owns land, who is eighteen years of age and is actively engaged in the farming operations of the co-operative association or corporation;

(iii) a representative of a co-operative association, corporation or other similar organization that owns land but is not engaged in farming, who is nominated in writing to represent that organization;

(iv) a representative of any church or other religious organization that owns land, who is nominated in writing to represent that church or organization, whether or not that church or organization is engaged in farming.

"area" means a conservation and development area established pursuant to this Act or any former Conservation and Development Act (Source Sec 1 C&D Act) 

Click here to view a map of the Invergordon C&D Area

Within the RM of Invergordon:

  • Division 1 lands:  All
  • Division 2 lands:  All plus portions presiding in the RM of Three Lakes
  • Division 3 lands:  All
  • Division 4 lands:  All
  • Division 5 lands:  See map (note: leaseholders in/around Waterhen do not qualify until those lands are transferred back into the Invergordon C&D)
  • Division 6 lands:  See map

Within the RM of Three Lakes:

  • SE 2-43-24-W2
  • SW & SE 1-43-24-W2
  • SW & SE 6-43-23-W2
  • SW & SE 5-43-23-W2
  • SW & SE 4-43-23-W2

Persons entitled to Vote 

Eligible voters for the election must be at least eighteen (18) years old and fall into one of the following categories: (Source Sec 9 C&D Reg)

  1. owners of land situated in an area; 
  2. the guardian of an owner under eighteen (18) years old;
  3. the executor or administrator of an owner’s estate; or
  4. the agent of an owner with power of attorney for dealing with the land. 

These eligible voters can participate in the election only once1, except for voting in a representative capacity as described in clauses (b), (c), or (d).  1once meaning at one poll, either the Advance Poll on May 2, 2024 or at Election Day on May 17, 2024. 


Upon the opening of the poll, any persons entitled to vote, candidates or one agent per candidate may be present in the polling place.  Each voter will be required to complete a Voter Declaration Form in order to receive a ballot. (Source Sec 30(1) C&D Reg)

Please bring Photo ID to present to election officials with your Voter Declaration Form. (Source Sec 110, Local Government Election Act)

The ballot will appear as follows, with the names of candidates listed in alphabetical order of their surname (Source 20, C&D Reg)

Each voter must vote three (3) times.  No more, no less - otherwise the ballot will be rejected. (Source: Form I, C&D Reg)


At the close of poll, anyone in the polling place wishing to vote shall be permitted to do so. (Source Sec 43 C&D Reg)

Only election officials, candidates or their appointed candidate (in writing) may be present during the counting of votes. (Source Sec 29, 44(1) C&D Reg)


Declaration of Results

At 6:00pm on May 17, 2024 the Returning Officer shall publicly declare the candidates having the highest number of votes for all 3 vacancies to be filled as elected and shall show the number of votes cast for each candidate.  (Source Sec 46 C&D Reg)


Saskatchewan Conservation and Development Association

Invergordon C&D Area Boundary Map

Map of Surrounding C&Ds