Council Appointments & Committees

Council Appointments 

Deputy Reeve - Edwin Rundbraaten

Poundkeeper - Wayne Bacon

Councilors are appointed to various local boards as part of their elected duties:

  • Agricultural Producers Assocation of Saskatchewan (APAS) - Wayne Bacon
  • ADD Board, District 32 - Bruce Hunter
  • Birch Hills Health Foundation - Edwin Rundbraaten
  • Carrot River Valley Watershed Association - Calvin Parsons
  • Hudson Bay Route Association - Wayne Bacon
  • Kinistino & District Health Foundation - Wayne Bacon
  • Lakeview Pioneer Lodge - Keith Thibault
  • North Central Transportation Planning Committee - Edwin Rundbraaten
  • Struthers Lake Regional Park - Kevin Hawreschuk (Christopher Beaulieu is the RM's second representative appointed to this board)
  • Wakaw Lake Regional Park - Kelvin Dutka
  • Wapiti Regional Library - Calvin Parsons

Council Committees

Human Resource Committee - Kevin Hawreschuk, Keith Thibault, Edwin Rundbraaten and Bruce Hunter

Public Works Committee - Kelvin Dutka, Calvin Parsons, Wayne Bacon and Bruce Hunter

Water Committee - Kelvin Dutka, Calvin Parsons, Keith Thibault and Bruce Hunter