Hunting in the RM

   RM of Invergordon Map is available for purchase online via the iHunter app or hardcopies through the office (can be mailed for an additional charge).

   All private land, including crown land that is leased, is considered "posted" meaning no trespassing - you must obtain explicit consent from the landowner or lessee to hunt on their land

NE-06-45-23-W2 is the Ingvald Opseth Wildlife Refuge (NO HUNTING) - located on the north shore of Dixon Lake

    Check out the Saskatchewan Hunters and Trappers Guide for full details and regulations

Hunters, take special note of lands classified as follows on our RM Map as special considerations may be necessary when seeking access for the purpose of hunting.

LAND CLASSIFICATION:Hunting Allowed?*More Information:
Crown Land (YELLOW)
YES with permission from LesseeClick here to look up a land location to see if it is leased or not
Crown Land (YELLOW)
Not Leased
Wildlife Habitat Protection (BLUE)
YES (on foot only) with permission from Lessee
Wildlife Habitat Protection (BLUE)
Not Leased
YES (on foot only)
Fish & Wildlife Development Fund (PURPLE)YES (on foot only)Click here
Tway National Wildlife Area (PINK)YES (on foot only)Click here
SK Wildlife Federation (RED)YES (on foot only)Click here
Ducks Unlimited (GREEN)YES (on foot only)Click here
Community Pasture (DARK GREEN)YES (restrictions apply) refer to Hunters GuideClick here

*the above is the RMs interpretation of the land classifications and the current regulations.  Please review the current Hunters and Trappers Guide for full up to date regulatory information.


As the R.M. is not responsible for providing landowners with legal land surveyors we often get asked who we use for surveying services.  The R.M. frequently utilizes Palliser Surveys and Meridian Surveys.  Contact them for more information and be sure to check out the below brochure from the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association on how a legal survey protects you and your property!  Thinking of subdividing?  Before you submit an application, reach out to a surveyor for guidance.

Legal Land Surveys Protect You & Your Property

  1. Valley Geomatics
  2. Palliser Surveys
  3. Meridian Surveys
  4. Midwest Surveys
  5. 20/20 Geomatics

Shelterbelt Program

Click here to read the announcement on the 2022 program

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Contact the office or visit the Shelterbelt program website for more up to date info!

Snow Removal

  1. RJS Excavating
    • Struthers Lake, SK
    • (306) 370-3538
    • Email:
  2. Brett Fiolleau
    • Wakaw, SK
    • (306) 233-7810
    • Call/Text
    • Skidsteer, Loader
  3. Jensen Sand & Gravel
    • Birch Hills, SK
    • (306) 961-2157

Water & Septic Haulers

  1. Septic Services Unlimited (GCM Septic & Water)
  2. A1 Septic & Water Hauling
    • NEW OWNERSHIP 2024 - Kirk & Mark Medernach (102186038 Sask Ltd)
    • Cudworth, SK
    • Ph: (306) 717-3085
    • Ph: (306) 270-5888
    • Email:
  3. Kinistino Septic
  4. Hudson's Vac Truck Services
  5. Sundbo Water Service
    • Darren Sundbo
    • Birch Hills, SK
    • Ph: (306) 749-7555;  (306) 749-3241
  6. Ter-Ray Services
    • Ph: (306) 257-3288

Other Contract Services

  1. Vern Ilchyshen Mowing
    • Tway, SK
    • (306) 314-0686
  2. Doyle Normarken Mowing
    • Yellow Creek, SK
    • (306) 327-7648
  3. Braaten Construction
    • Birch Hills, SK
    • (306) 749-3333
  4. Mooney's Excavating
    • Melfort, SK
    • (306) 921-9860
  5. Pratt Plumbing & Heating
  6. Dixon Lake Construction
    • Crystal Springs, SK
    • (306) 852-8181
    • Email:
    • Drywall/Taping, Trim, Flooring, Interior Painting
  7. Evans 8 Excavating
    • Birch Hills, SK
    • (306) 749-7727

Business Directories of nearby Communities:

Library Services

DID YOU KNOW?  The RM pays an annual requisition to be a part of the Wapiti Regional Library.  A small selection of books are available at the post office in Crystal Springs, SK.  If you'd like something in particular brought in, please inquire with the post office staff!  You can also browse their website at - they've added a new Browse Tool to help find specific reading materials.