Heritage Sites

Heritage Property Designations in the RM of Invergordon

What does it mean to have a Municipal Heritage Designation?  "Once a property is designated, it is legally protected. Future alterations to Municipal Heritage Properties require prior written approval from the council of the municipality. "

Why should a property be designated? "Many property owners take pride in owning and caring for a piece of Saskatchewan's heritage. Many property owners value heritage designation as it emphasizes the uniqueness and historic significance of the site, and enables other people in the community to appreciate its value. "

 source:  Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport - Heritage Conservation Branch

Meskanaw Trestle Bridge

photo credit; Saskatchewanderer

Click here to visit our information page on the Organized Hamlet of Meskanaw, for history on the community and the bridge

  2030 Goal!  The Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport would also like to increase the number of different communities which have a designation - 125 new designations in time for Saskatchewan's 125th anniversary in 2030 - as well as the diversity of stories which are recognized. At present, less than 50 per cent of the province’s municipalities have designated a heritage property. As well, there are several important stories and themes in the province’s history which are underrepresented within the designation program, such as the roles and contributions of women to Saskatchewan, post-1940 architectural design, and 20th-century Indigenous heritage.  If you'd like more information or are interested in having your heritage property designated by the RM please reach out the RM Office or visit saskatchewan.ca/heritage

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