Property For Sale


All bids must be received in writing to the RM Office by mail, email or in-person prior to the Council Meeting when all bids will be considered. 

Highest bidder not necessarily accepted.

A deposit is not required in order to submit a bid.

Full payment must be provided within fourteen (14) days upon the notification of the approved sale of the property to the purchaser.  Should payment not be received within the required time, the property shall be immediately re-advertised and available for public sale.

Payment can be made by mailed cheque, E-Transfer, Online Bank Payment (most banks), or cash/debit in the RM Office.

Tax Title Property for Sale 

Every year, as the result of tax enforcement proceedings in accordance with The Tax Enforcement Act the R.M. may acquire ownership of property in lieu of tax arrears.  These properties are then put up for public sale, and sold in accordance with GG-002 Disposal of Lands Policy (click here to go to Policy page)

Yellow Creek


Lot 09, Block 04, Plan BZ4287       MINIMUM BID:  $1,483.22           Bidding Open

Lot 06, Block 04, Plan BZ4287       MINIMUM BID:  $1,263.11           Bidding Open

  • Size:  9.14m x 38.07m
  • Estimated Annual Taxes: $200.00 per lot
  • Lot does not contain buildings 
  • Camper use permitted (one camper per site)
  • Yellow Creek offers hook-up to water-sewer at the purchasers cost.  Monthly utility is billed on a non-metered basis.  Note: water is potable.  Garbage and Recycle hand-carts are provided as part of the annual taxes.
  • LOTS HAVE BEEN LEGALLY SURVEYED as part of the sale

Click here to view a map of Yellow Creek